Quinder 8 inch HUB motor 48V 550Watt with 16" Tractor profile tire 6km/h-3,7mph

Quinder 8 inch HUB motor 48V 550Watt with 16" Tractor profile tire 6km/h-3,7mph
Quinder 8 inch HUB motor 48V 550Watt with 16" Tractor profile tire 6km/h-3,7mph
Quinder Brushless 48V 550Watt HUB Motor with 4.00-8 Agricultural tractor tire max 6km/h high torque

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Quinder Brushless HUB motor drive set

This high-quality electric drive set has been specially developed for AGRO applications. Thanks to brushless technology, this motor is able to deliver a lot of power for a long time. The maximum speed of the engine with a standard 4.00-8 tractor tire is about 6km/h. The motor comes complete with a matching prorammable BLDC Controller, a display throttle and an FWD/REV switch.

HUB Motor

The Hub engine consists of an 8 inch rim with a 4.00-8 tractor tread tire. This makes the HUB motor comparable in dimensions to a wheelbarrow wheel. The installation size of the motor is 138mm and comparable to the front wheel of a bicycle. On request a CAD model is available. The motor is plug/and/play connected to the controller. The motor has a construction capacity of IP66 and has a black coating finish. The mounted tire has a width of about 10cm. The power of the motor is 550Watt and it is a 48V system.

Optional available programmable BLDC Controller

The BLDC Controller offers the possibility to adjust the driving characteristics of the motor. To be able to do this, a programming set is needed. There are three possibilities: 1. The set is needed to make the right adjustment once, it is best to borrow a set temporarily. 2 Driving characteristics must be adjusted regularly. Buy is the best option. 3. You know exactly which settings are needed, we can adjust it for you for a fee. The interface for working with the programming set is in Chinese but with the manual next to it easy to perform yourself. To get an idea of the specifications that can be adjusted, you can download the manual here. The adjustment is done with the app: rewrite. After the modification, the file can be uploaded with the app: ProClient. Here you can download the instructions for this. Because it is not possible to download the configuration of the controller, it is important to have the default configuration as a file in order to upload it in the rewrite app. We cannot include these files as a link for technical reasons, but you can request them from us.

Optional available thumb throttle

The programmable thumb throttle is set so that the engine has a maximum speed of 6km/h forward and a maximum speed of 3km/h backwards. When the gas is released, the engine runs almost freely, electronic resistance can be programmed. On the corresponding display throttle, 3 driving modes can be selected; ECO = max 2km/h MID = max 4km/h and High = max 6km/h. Click on this link to download a manual of the display throttle.

Optional available FWD/REV switch

In addition to the throttle, there is a switch for the operation of forward and reverse as well as the operation of the horn. Both the display throttle and this FWD/REV switch are made for a 22mm tube. The parts can be plug-and-play connected to the controller.


The Quinder HUB motors were originally developed in collaboration with Gebr. Ezendam from Borne for various hoe applications. In the meantime, the motors are also used in robot technology and all kinds of applications where walking speed must be combined with a lot of pulling power.

Quinder e-drives

Quinder e-drives is a new brand on the market for high torque and low speed electric HUB motors. Quinder originated from a collaboration between DaviLot, a Taiwanese development agency and a Chinese producer.