DaviLot wants satisfied customers. We do this by helping customers as we would like to be helped ourselves. Nevertheless, it remains important to have rules that you as a customer can always refer to.

Warranty, private purchases

The legal warranty period of 2 years applies to all private purchases.

Warranty, business purchases
For business purchases a warranty period of 1 year applies.

Warranty claim

If your product no longer functions within the stated warranty period as it should in accordance with the specifications, you can make a claim under warranty. Depending on the claim, DaviLot will work with you to ensure a quick recovery. In order to carry out the claim, we need the invoice number associated with the purchase of the product. In some cases we will also ask for the serial number of the product to determine exactly when it was delivered.

Please note: warranty claims can only be processed if the product has been used as described in the manual. The warranty is only valid for the first user/owner and is voided upon resale.

Out of warranty

If the product supplied by us becomes defective and is no longer under warranty, we can repair it for you. We have all parts in stock. If you live further away, you can always decide to carry out repairs yourself. The E-PowerBarrow is not very complicated with our support. Someone who can build an Ikea cabinet can also repair the E-PowerBarrow, especially with our manuals at hand. When working on the E-PowerBarrow, do not forget to protect your hands in connection with sharp edges.

Workshop rate

Our workshop rate is calculated per minute and is € 0.90 excl. VAT per minute or € 54.00 excl. VAT per hour

Call-out charges

Call-out costs are € 0.29 excl. VAT per km


In consultation we have many parts that we can supply. Sometimes it can be advantageous to place a used part instead of a new part. If we discuss it together, we will figure it out.

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