New E-PowerBarrow electric wheelbarrow

We receive a lot of questions about the new E-PowerBarrow electric wheelbarrow. Here is some more background information. Around the end of November 2023 we will receive 1 new sample of a drive set for the new electrically powered wheelbarrow from our partner in Taiwan. This sample is a drive set that we need to test the functionality. The drive set that will be developed in the future can be mounted on almost any wheelbarrow. Initially we will use the more expensive Fort SMB-100 wheelbarrow for this. After building the first wheelbarrow model, we will test it ourselves. If we agree with the product, we will give the wheelbarrow to a heavy user for testing in collaboration with Altrad Fort. In the meantime, two more samples are coming this way from Taiwan for testing. If the set passes these tests, we will start production. It will now be March-April 2024. What's new in this wheelbarrow? A 0-1-2 button for speed determination, a thumb control IP67 for activating the motor in position 1 or 2, a reverse switch, a plug connection between throttle and controller, a plug connection between motor and controller. a removable motor in 2 minutes, a set suitable for round and oval frames, an optionally mountable disc brake with parking function, special E-PowerBarrow frames. What are we saying goodbye to: for the time being these are the support wheels, but we are looking for a universal solution so that we can stick to standard frames for the new wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow will also be equipped with the reliable Quinder 550Watt 48V brushless HUB motor.
  Constantijn     24-11-2023 17:27